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Extinguisher Info

Extinguisher Types:

ABE Powder Extinguishers
Definitely the most versatile extinguisher on the market. Powder extinguishers will rapidly extinguish any paper, timber or textile material. These extinguishers can be used for electrical fires, petroleum fires and fat fires.

Automatic Extinguishers
Dry Powder Extinguishers that can be fitted to a ceiling. These extinguishers are designed to automatically discharge when a fire occurs. The heat sensitive bulb is designed to active and discharge these extinguishers at 70 degrees Celsius, ensuring protection for your valuable assets even when you are not there.

CO2 Extinguishers
Primary used for electrical fires and petroleum based fires.Ideal for computer server rooms and around sensitive equipment.

Foam Extinguishers
Primarily used for petroleum based fires.

Water Extinguishers
To be used on paper, wood and textile fires. A great extinguisher for it cooling down effect.

WET Chemical Equipment
Used in commercial kitchens for fat and oil fires.

Fire Blankets
For use in kitchens to smother a fire. Is ideal for a human torch situation. Also a complete range of accessories available.Including signs, cabinets, protective bags, blanking caps and much, much more !